A Blog? Yap/Nope

So why a blog?

Frankly, I don’t know.

Maybe for me ‘Its a resource to gain some online presence.’ But remember I will always mask this truth among the shadow of, ‘All I want is to open my heart in front of others…’

But “Truly!” I said rather typed, “Truly! I want this to be a collection of memories which I would ride back in my 80’s, sometimes smile maybe sometimes even cry.”

Actually, truth be told I had created a blog page some years back (i don’t really recall accurately when…), but never did I opened it once after its first hour of birth.

Still, today I felt the urge to follow this long-lost path again. All credits to my friend, let’s call her ‘Blah blah.’ ( Not her real name, but hope so it was…) She said rather texted

You should try writing a blog.

And I was like “Ohh! Bloody hell she woke a spark within me! I am gonna concur the world!”

But no nothing such thoughts came by. As lazy as I am, I started to scribble some words here and there and stood up with this first post. (Introduction I would like to call)

Wait and let the truth be spoken I cant guarantee you how many days I would be carrying out this blog thing as much as I cant guarantee what would happen the next second in my life…

Summary: Maybe not knowing anything about the future is the essence of life.

And to grow into some habit, someone’s love, some daily routine and cutting it down so easily as it never existed, is the truth of living.

So let’s see if I could surprise myself by keeping on posting blogs and surprise you all in the way through my stories…


Featured post


So my dad as conservative as typical Indian society is considered to be. He thinks that he has committed a lot of mistakes which can never be erased.
But what worse is he blames those mistakes as the reason for whatever he hasn’t rather couldn’t achieve in life.
Being a teen in India, it has been inevitable for me to hear,
“Beta ye option choose karega to teri zindagi barbad, meri galti tu mat repeat karna…”
Let’s consider even after facing these words you are able to prove yourself right; our glorious parents show up with all those mistakes of their friends which utterly shut your mouth (At least mine).
Let’s not talk about Sharma ji ka ladka… Ohh God’s grace he’s a legend for all the Indian parents…
No I am not against or am not addressing how a Indian parent should guide their children, but this is about the false belief that most of us carry within us. The belief that something didn’t work for you and it won’t even work for someone else.
Dad, it might be these mistakes which pulled you down from where you were meant to be but have you never realized that these were those mistakes which shaped who you are.
I know you guide me all because you want the best for me, but I don’t want to walk on someone’s Walken path rather I want to build my own destiny and walk throughout it even if it might be only comprised of mistakes and wrong choices. Maybe it would be better to follow something of my will than to carry a regret which starts as,
‘Only if I had followed my heart…’

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